Start at Prabalmachi, End at Kalavantin

22nd December, one of the most difficult day for me as I was ending a beautiful phase and heading towards a new chapter of my life. Before beginning a new phase I decided to first go to the mountains. Mountains, the only place which always gives me the strength, the courage and all the peace I need. So there I was, This time it was Prabalmachi Camping followed by trek to Kalavantin durg !!

It was the evening of 23rd December 2017, when this adventure story started with Mumbai Pune Adventure group. All the participants for the trek met at Panvel station from where we were taken to the base by local vehicles. After a brief introduction round of names and trek experience, our trek began at around 8:30 p.m. Trek was leaded by Swapnil and this time I had the opportunity to be a co-leader (the thing which I always desired to do). Entire trail was a normal ascend of 2 hours. We made our way between the sheets of trees and grasses finding the path with the torches. Cold winds, twinkling stars and the music given by the insects just made the trail mood perfect.

At around 10:30 p.m. we reached Prabalmachi. It was a perfect place with a perfect climate for camping. Swapnil taught us to set up a tent. It was indeed fun to set up our own tents. Those laughter over the failure trials. Those surprises over tents flying away by the air. and finally the happiness of that perfect tent in the end. We then took little rest lying on the ground and staring at the sky. The scene of those twinkling stars crowded in the black sky, few shooting stars falling off the sky and the moon throwing dim light on the earth was like a magical picture in front of our eyes.

After few mins of rest and a small photo session, we were served with a delicious Maharashtrian thali. Freshly cooked hot food in that chilling weather was no less than a heaven for our craving stomach. Post dinner we had campfire arranged for us. We played damsharas followed by horror stories. Till 3:30 a.m. we were sitting beside the fire laughing over those funny moments, jerking over the horror feel and of course capturing the perfect shots. Since we had to get up early for the next trek, we finally got into our tents and went off to sleep.

At 6 in the morning we got a wakeup call. The call was not only given by Swapnil, but also that cock constantly shouting “kukdokooo”. Many people already had planned in their mind to cook him for dinner. After getting freshened up, few of us headed for Kalavantin durg trek. Since the trek was optional, few decided to go n few opted to stay back and rest.

Kalavantin durg. the queen of all mountains stands tall holding its toughness with pride. To get to her tip, she takes a lot of willpower and courage from you.The entire trail can be divided in 3 parts. First is a little steep ascend over stones and small rocks, second part has sleep stairs and the last part it’s the most difficult one with a challenging climb over the rock. We all covered the first two parts which was 99% of the trek. That one last % was the ultimate challenge. Few were satisfied after second part, few tried for the last one and few achieved the 3rd one. Hats off to the people who completed till the second part as it is not easy, majority being first timers and a bow to those who completed the entire trek. For me, being a short heighted with few kg’s of extra weight and having less hand power compared to boys, it was not at all easy. Mind shouted “STOP” but heart shouted louder “DO IT”. I followed my heart, and was on the top of the mountain. Best feeling ever had. That feeling was like achiever for all of us.

Post clicking lots of pictures we headed back to the camps. We were served with yum breakfast given the option of Maggie, Poha and Burji with hot tea. After having our breakfast, it was time for us to wrap our tents, fold our bed sheets and get back home.

None of us wanted to leave that place but there is no “HI” again without a “GOODBYE”. So, we started to trek back to the base with few water and Nimbu Pani breaks.

Upon reaching the base, vehicles were ready to take us back to Panvel station. We waved each other with a big smile and hope to meet again in future in some other trek someday. Catching our respective trains, leaving the place, we were taking the best memories with us.

  1. Rajendra S Valotia says:

    We had enjoyed prabalmachi trek under MPA encouragement during 16-17 December, 17. Myself and my wife above 50 years age thanks to MPA for arranging memorable trek.

  2. Lovely blog . You are so correct in stating that there is indeed something so peaceful being atop a mountain … Our mind is at rest and we feel blissful!
    Hats off to u for completing the entire upscale trek 🙂
    Atb for whatever endeavour u wish to pursue!

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